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                     Rubellite (tourmaline) and Diamond, 14k white gold pendant                                                                                   Laguna agate, Chihauhua, Mexico

                JEWELRY & LAPIDARY                                                                                       AGATE  


               Amethyst, Las Vigas, Mexico                                                                             Sikhote-Alin octahedrite, Russia

                 MINERAL SPECIMENS                                                                                  METEORITES


                  Triassic 'dinosaur' track, Upper Montclair, NJ                                                                               Vesuvianite, Jeffrey Mine, Quebec, Canada

                            FOSSILS                                                                                         MUSEUM GALLERIES


            ChroLithix Corporation sells natural and created objects of art

            made of materials from the earth and even outer space. We

            offer unique and unusual mineral specimens, meteorites for all

            levels of collectors, quality fossils and fine jewelry for all tastes.


            While visiting, please take a look at our museum

            galleries. We hope that you'll share our enthusiasm for the

            variety of natural materials created in the earth and beyond.

            They are literally the bedrock on which our modern way of

            life is built.


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                  We have for sale or over the years have sold mineral specimens of:

                  esperite, margarosanite, clinohedrite, hardystonite, roeblingite, hancockite, manganaxinite, willemite, franklinite,

                  zincite, grossular, diopside, vesuvianite, cyprine, gold, quartz, rhodonite, barite, hemimorphite, datolite, hendricksite,

                  andradite, leucophoenicite, tephroite, friedelite, fluoborite, barysilite, nasonite, kentrolite, schallerite, pectolite,

                  prehnite, calcite, clinochlore, demantoid, opal, spinel, copper, silver, zircon, chondrodite, agate

                  We have for sale or over the years have sold mineral specimens from:

                   Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada; Black Lake mine, Thetford, Quebec, Canada; Franklin, NJ, USA;

                   Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, NJ, USA; Upper New Street quarry, Paterson, NJ, USA; Lower New Street quarry,

                   Paterson, NJ, USA; Prospect Park quarry, Paterson, NJ, USA; Belvidere Mountain quarry ('Eden Mills'),

                   Lowell, Vermont, USA; Amity, New York, USA; Warwick, New York, USA; Sixteen to One mine, Alleghany,

                   California, USA; Baluchistan, Pakistan; St Marcel, Val D'Aosta, Italy; Val D'Ala, Italy; Val Pellice, Italy;

                   Mt Argentea, Italy; Sferlun, Val Malenco, Italy; Virgin Valley, Nevada, USA; Telluride, Colorado, USA; 

                   Cobalt, Ontario, Canada; Gilgit, Pakistan; Ladjuar Madan, Kokcha Valley,Afghanistan


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      Privacy Policy - All customer information is confidential and is not shared with or sold to anyone for any purpose.


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